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Taking on casual employees as an employer

Important factors to take into account when taking on temporary employees

Coping with an influx in business

Many companies have times in the year when the amount of business peaks and which can then put a large strain on employees if additional staff are not taken on to help temporarily. Once the peak in business ends it can often mean that there can be more than the necessary staff within the business so having temporary employees can help minimise costs while ensuring the required workforce.

It is important to bear in mind the term 'casual worker' does not have precise definition set out in a statute. The term is used to describe employees who are brought in as and when they are required, which will often mean that the individual would not have same rights that a permanent employee benefits from.

Although defined as 'casual' workers, the law is certainly not so casually based with complex legal rights that must be observed.

A contract of employment must include three main elements:

Accountant Exeter The employee must be obligated to perform the work themselves
Exeter Accountants A mutuality of obligation must be attained between the parties
Accountant Exeter The employer must have the required rights of control over the employee

It is important to always take into account legal rights of casual workers, and although they do not hold all the same entitlements as an employee they will still receive discrimination protection so employers should always take care in termination of their services.


How we can help you...

We are able to assist with a wide range of advice and services to ensure you are operating within the letter of the law when taking on casual employees.

We offer our clients the following services:

Accountants Exeter Payroll services, including PAYE and National Insurance
Exeter Accountant Ensure financial compliance when taking on new employees, whether permanent or 'casual employees'
Accountants Exeter Set out business plans to take into account necessary points in the year you may need a larger workforce


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