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Tackling Tax Avoidance

HMRC announce efforts to ensure payment of taxes

Preventing disguised remuneration avoidance schemes

The government announced in July 16 new efforts to stop the use of disguised remuneration avoidance schemes, including Employee Benefit Trusts and contractor loans. As schemes have been used to avoid the payment of tax and National Insurance contributions the government are bringing in the change.

Originally the withdrawal of the transitional relief on investment growth was set for 30 November 2016; however, the HMRC is working with the government to extend the date until 31 March 2017, so taking it up until the next financial year. The extension of the date has been requested to help ensure that all disguised remuneration scheme users will have the chance to settle before relief is withdrawn.


How we can help you...

If you have been using a disguised remuneration scheme we will be able to take you on as a client and help settle your tax affairs and let HMRC know of any of the necessary information that needs to be disclosed.

Accountant Exeter Help settle any unpaid taxes with HMRC
Accountants Exeter Disclose necessary data to HMRC to ensure you operate legally
Accountant Exeter Ensure the continued payment of all required taxes to ensure you are operating within the law


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